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Welcome to the wide world of screen printing

The screen printing method – also called the fourth printing process – is often underestimated.

Many users and customers simply have no idea how many products used in their everyday life are in some way connected to screen printing.

This printing method is applied by more than 50 industrial sectors, and its objective is always focused on function or decoration, or even both combined. Screen printing is used in countless market segments, and as a consequence the requirements to be met by the individual screens vary from one application to another. Today, the printers handle everything, from the smallest screen formats up to extremely large ones (4.8 x 12 m).



Function and decoration in industrial printing

labels industrieIn the industrial sector, screen printing deploys its particular strengths where flexibility and application possibilities are a prime consideration. A growing number of industrial sectors resort to this printing method, which optimally answers their needs with regard to functionality and/or decoration.

The virtually limitless choice of materials that can be printed turns screen printing into a unique and unequaled method.



Decoration and finishing in textile printing

labels textilThe term textile printing refers to printing procedures used for printing textiles, a process which is considerably more complex than paper printing, as the various print supports (cotton, polyester, silk, etc.) require particular inks and forms of treatment.



Decoration and varnishing in the graphic sector

labels grafikNow as before, screen printing plays a major role for graphical applications. This is the printing method par excellence for all the application cases where highest requirements need to be met in terms of consistency, handling of various formats, material selection and rapidity.

Differentiation and added value thanks to screen printing.