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Printing technology sets itself apart

Who would have thought a few years ago that screen printing might undergo such a significant change, that it might even be able to achieve an edge over the competition?

pdf[Glass Worlwide - 17/2016]

pdf[Specialist Printing - China Edition 2016]

Ralope S.A. - 33 Anos a Fazer Crescer os Têxteis

A Ralope S.A. fundada em 1982, é hoje uma empresa de referência na ESTAMPARIA TÊXTIL (Estampado Localizado], que mantém uma constante aposta na actualização e modernidade Industrial.

pdf[Intergraficas - 188/2015]

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Welcomme to the new graphic industrial revolution

For those who visited FESPA 2015 in Cologne was clear that alongside the traditional Digital Community of large formats (Graphics and Textiles), Screen Printing (Textile, Graphic and Functional) we are on the threshold of a new and challenging world for Graphic Industry by sharing knowledge’s and technology’s in a new learning from the Industrial world and increasingly anchored in analog and digital technologies.

pdf[Intergraficas - 185/2015]

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Grünig & SignTronic sind sehr zufrieden mit der Fespa 2015!

Der gemeinsame Auftritt von Grünig & SignTronic an der FESPA 2015 war sehr erfolgreich. Die grosse Bedeutung der perfekten Schablone wird immer mehr erkannt und unser Messemotto SCREEN TECHNOLOGY & AUTOMATION hat dieses Bedürfnis vollumfänglich abgedeckt.

pdf[Der Siebdruck - 6/2015]

Screen printing – better than ever

According to Andreas Ferndriger, screen printing continues to offer unparalleled possibilities, although unnecessary limitations are being set because some processes have not been systematically optimised.

pdf[Glass Worlwide - 16/2015]

pdf[Specialist Printing - 2/2015]

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