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worldReaction of photochemical resists used in screen printing under the influence of digitally modulated ultra violet light
Different chemical photo-reactive emulsions are used in screen printing for stencil production. Depending on the bandwidth, optical power and depth of field from the optical system, the reaction / exposure speed has a diverse value. In this paper the emulsions get categorized and validated in a first step. After that a mathematical model gets developed and adapted due to heuristic experience to estimate the exposure speed under the influence of digitally modulated ultra violet light.

January 2017 - Proceedings for SPIE Photonics West


worldElektronik Kolloquium
Anwendung und Implementierung von FPGAs zur Ansteuerung von Mikrospiegelaktoren.

December 2016 - NTB Buchs


worldDLP Using Digital Micromirror Devices: A Primer
Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a multipurpose, robust, modern, and easily accessible optical technology that uses Digital Micromirror Devices (DMDs), which reflect light pixelwise from a light source to a target. This Spotlight describes how to set up and implement DLP in various applications, such as training kits, reference designs, test equipment, and how to get the quickest and most efficient learning experience.

December 2016


worldSystematic Review of Different Light Sources for DLP Technology-based Exposure
11th International Symposium on Emerging and Industrial DLP Technology Applications

October 2016


worldUtilization of DMDs for large stencil production
10th International Symposium on Emerging and Industrial DLP Technology Applications

July 2015





worldCTI Innovation cheque
The innovation cheque gives companies access to a maximum of CHF 7,500 worth of R&D services from public research institutions. This gives SMEs and start-ups an introduction to CTI innovation promotion.

October 2016 - Commission for Technologie and Innovation CTI


worldCertificate of Nomination for Transfer Award
Optimization of the Development Process with the help of CAE methods.

June 2015 - ASA German Aerospace Academy


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