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CtS Direct Exposure

There are some myths regarding the productivity of CTS direct exposure for screen printing that need to be addressed. Stefan Rothenbach looks at the influence different light sources and direct emulsions can have on the process.

Before broaching the subject of ‘light sources and direct emulsions’ in detail, let us recall the essential considerations for
selecting the right type of computer-to-screen (CTS) system.


pdf[Specialist Printing - 4/2021]

One step ahead

Shaping chaos into productivity: David Forrester Zamith looks at how screen printing adapted to the pandemic and what it needs to do to continue to evolve.

As a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic, lockdown in Portugal, as elsewhere, caused normal economy to halt, with no sales and no orders, and with production and logistics chains broken. In Europe a chaotic situation emerged with a lack of adequate face masks and PPE due to dependence on overseas products, particularly from Asia.


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Seeing the light

Automating screen preparation can save time and money. Advocating CTS exposure, Andreas Ferndriger introduces a flexible new LED concept that caters for up to four wave lengths.

For the majority of companies, 2020 – dominated by the global Covid-19 crisis – was demanding and a real challenge. Whilst the number of incoming orders suffered a serious slump, they needed to find a way of keeping the costs under control and reducing them – a juggling act that required an unprecedented amount of flexibility.


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Konstante Qualität im Rheintal

Mehr Platz, doch dieselben Mitarbeiter: Mit einem neuen Standort stellt sich Computer-to-Screen-Hersteller Signtronic auf potenzielles Wachstum ein.

Fünf Monate dauerte es, bis Signtronic den richtigen Ort gefunden hatte. Mitte 2019 begann der Schweizer Hersteller von Computer-to-Screen-Systemen mit der Suche nach einem neuen Standort – vor allem brauchte man mehr Platz. Seit diesem Jahr operiert das Unternehmen aus einem neuen Gebäude in Rüthi im Rheintal. „Ziel war, das Firmenfest 2019 noch vor Weihnachten in der neuen, Produktionshalle zu feiern. Dieses Ziel haben wir erreicht“, sagt Geschäftsführer und Inhaber Andreas Ferndriger.


pdf[SIP - 3/2020] Quelle: Fachmagazin SIP

Advancing with automation

David Zamith explores the importance of automation in digital CTS screen stencil making, and discusses how to position screen printing at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution

From my e-work platform I wish all of you and your loved ones the best of health! The economy must go on and we have to be prepared for future recovery; perhaps working in different ways from those in which we operated before the COVID-19 pandemic.


pdf[Specialist Printing - 2/2020]

pdf[Specialist Printing China Edition - 2/2020]