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Keeping current

There will be no screen printing without up-to-date CtS technology, cautions Andreas Ferndriger.

Although some readers may consider the above a surprising statement, no one can deny that during the past few years, the market and as a result the screen printing sector has undergone a significant change at break neck speed.

pdf[Specialist Printing - 2/2018]

pdf[Specialist Printing - China Edition 2018]

New era for screen printing

David Forrester Zamith explains how ceramic decals have been reborn due to CTS technology.

The history of ceramics goes back to antiquity. The expression ‘ceramics’ relates to the Greek symbol for clay, which is the Greek word keramos – pottery. The Chinese were the first to invent white, translucent hard-paste porcelain under the Tang dynasty (618–907AD) when they learned to fire a mixture of china clay and china stone at very high temperatures.

pdf[Specialist Printing - 1/2018]

Five decades of screen preparation specialisation

Grünig-Interscreen AG celebrates its 50th anniversary as a specialist supplier of screen preparation technology for the international screen printing industry in 2017. The following contribution highlights the company’s history and present-day activities.

pdf[Glass Worlwide - 73/2017]


An der diesjährigen FESPA 2017, 08 - 12. Mai 2017 in Hamburg präsentierte Grünig mit sehr grossem Erfolg die G-STRETCH 275 UV BOND LED. Die vollautomatische Spannmaschine mit automatischem UV-Kleber- und LED-Aushärtungsprozess, welche neben allen üblichen Geweben auch vorbeschichtete Gewebe verarbeiten kann. Besucher - aus vielen Ländern zeigten sehr grosses Interesse an diesem "Robotic glueing" - spannende Projekte sind die Folge.

pdf[Der Siebdruck - 07.|08.2017]

Screen printing – better than ever - China Edition

According to Andreas Ferndriger, screen printing continues to offer unparalleled possibilities.

Screen manufacture is the crucial weak point of the screen printing process. Far too often, users seem to forget that this process is decisive for print quality, print output and especially, their associated costs.

pdf[Specialist Printing - China Edition 2017]

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