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The task of the U light source consists in fully covering the particular requirements related to screen printing. For practical purposes, this means that an important light output is needed directly on the screen, with a wavelength range as wide as possible.

The special SignTronic UV CPL lamps have been developed to meet these particular requirements; they supply a sufficient capacity while covering the wavelength range between 350 and 420 nm in an optimal manner. This setup results in a trouble-free and reliable exposure and curing of direct emulsions, capillary films or PCF coatings.

A CtS direct exposure must be in a position to guarantee a reliable and permeating exposure even when processing coarse and thick meshes, high layer thicknesses and Diazo direct emulsions.

For you, LED-ready concept means that new UV light sources can be retrofitted whenever required. For the time being, the available LED technology unfortunately does not offer enough possibilities in order to enable the serigraphy printing screens to reliably cover the high requirements.