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For the dimensioning of the optimal StencilMaster, the following specifications are essential:

  • Maximum external frame format
  • Maximum exposure format per screen size


Please note that - contrary to the former CtS masking technology (using color or wax) - the direct emulsion will be directly cured.

This means:

Wherever light meets direct emulsion, the curing process is triggered, while all the other spots are washed out. For this reason, the selected exposure format should be slightly bigger than the printing format. You can freely determine the place where the exposure shall start and the alignment to be selected (i.e. center/center or according to your own specification).


Example STM-1612:

Maximum external frame format W2100 x H1450 mm

Maximum exposure format W1600 x H1200 mm (thus product number 1612)

Smaller screen formats can also be exposed; in this case, the following considerations need to be taken into account:

  • The exposure width can cover the entire screen format, up to B1600 mm
  • On top and at the bottom, the exposure height is always restricted by the measure of the screen guide element
  • Very small formats can be processed by means of a master frame and be exposed on the entire surface


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