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The exposure costs are composed as follows:

  • Costs for the light source (UV lamp or UV-LED)
  • Preventive and corrective machine maintenance


The costs of a CtS direct exposure are considerably lower than when using conventional film, as this material is rather expensive and requires a high number of process steps.

The exposure speed and costs are liable to vary considerably from one application to another, as these values depend on the following parameters:

  • Mesh type – coarse or fine mesh, white, yellow or steel mesh
  • Direct emulsion – Diazo, Dual Cure or Photopolymer SBQ, capillary films and PCF mesh
  • Layer thickness EOM (Emulsion over Mesh)
  • Resolution – 1270 dpi or 2400 dpi


It is thoroughly recommended to calculate the ROI. For this purpose, however, the present costs per screen need to be known. In addition to the immediately evident cost savings that can be achieved thanks to the elimination of expenses for film and chemicals, the reduction of staff numbers as well as of consumables, the virtual elimination of retouching work, etc., there are numerous advantages respectively less-evident expenses to be taken into account, such as e.g.:

Shorter setting-up times on the printing machine, reproducible quality, a generally enhanced printing quality, shorter reaction times, improved image, motivated staff members, etc.

In most cases, a ROI can be achieved within less than two years.

We would be happy to provide you the necessary ROI tools and to evaluate together with you the cost savings you would be able to achieve.