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technologie dmd

SignTronics CtS direct exposure technology is based on the micro-mirror array developed by Texas Instruments (DMD stands for Digital Micro-mirror Device).

The OECU control unit is capable of controlling various DMD types. Presently we use the 0.7 XGA 4100 device with 768 x 1024 mirrors. Bigger DMD's (such as e.g. 0.96 - 1080p) can also be connected. The crucial question is how fast the mirrors can be activated and how much capacity is available per mirror.

One important factor is the overall concept of the exposure head, as the essential task consists in supplying hundreds of thousands of mirrors with an identical light quantity and light quality, to make sure that a sufficient capacity is available on the screen and that the mesh/emulsion combinations used by the customer can be perfectly and reliably exposed.