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Digital CtS direct exposure brought to perfection (DIGITAL SCREEN MAKING)

Regardless of the SignTronic StencilMaster that you opt for, we can guarantee in any case that our Computer-to-Screentechnology results in an optimal direct exposure in reproducible quality, with the desired resolution.


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At SignTronic, and CtS exposure test always starts with a density test, as every customer has different requirements and differing parameters. Test files show the available possibilities and demonstrate what you can achieve with state-of-the-art Computer-to-Screen technology (from 3% to 97% dots on the printing form, fine lines up to 50 micron, etc.).

This procedure demonstrates what meshes, emulsions, layer thicknesses, etc., are required for obtaining an optimal curing and exposure quality. At the same time, we also evaluate the process time and exposure costs - in a reproducible quality and on a binding basis!

technologie direktbelichtung

CTS direct exposure

technologie optik


technologie oecu

OECU (Hot-Box)

technologie dmd

DMD technology

technologie lichtquelle

UV light source

technologie ricb


technologie aufloesung

Resolution (dpi)

technologie maschinenbau


technologie belichtungsformate

Exposure format

technologie kosten

Exposure costs

technologie workflow




Our Computer-to-Screen specialists or distribution partners will be happy to advise you!

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