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Building a hot business

Specialist Printing Worldwide joins a conversation with Lars Nilsson, Fredrik Skanselid and Tommy Forsberg about an inspiring growth story

Inspiring stories of creativity and growth seem solely focused on digital printing these days. But things are starting to change, not least the recent reports of growth from Sakurai. Lars Nilsson recently spoke to a Swedish company called Hot Screen, poised to invest in five new Sakurai machines, and discovered another growth story from the world of screen-printing.


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Screen printing – better than ever

According to Andreas Ferndriger, screen printing continues to offer unparalleled possibilities.

Screen manufacture is the crucial weak point of the screen printing process. Far too often, users seem to forget that this process is decisive for print quality, print output and especially, their associated costs.


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Computer-To-Screen Bets on Screen Printing
Little by little the eyes will being opened and the bet on exports "looks" finally be placed by the Portuguese governance as "The Priority" for the growth of our economy and employment!


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Highlighting prosperity for the portuguese textile industry

The performance of 2015 demonstrated that there had been a continuous and sustained series of strong sales growth abroad during the last four years. Portuguese textile exports grew more than 38% in the period highlighted from 2009 (the worst year for the last decade and a half) and this was a result of a restructuring that focused on new drives such as technological innovation, design, automation and advanced logistics, all of which were leveraged in service-intensive and strong investment in international awareness. In total, the sector exported €4.83 billion, and this showed an increase of about 5% compared with 2014.


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Novas Exigências dos Mercados

O mundo da “Indústria de Impressão” vive tempos de enormes mudanças, quer seja pelas “novas exigências dos mercados”, pelo consequente reajuste às novas tecnologias digitais ou ainda pela exigência de fluxogramas industriais em automação.


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